Foundation of the Society

The Jordanian Society of Prosthodontics was established in 1986 by decision of the Jordanian Dental Association Council No. 1614 under the name of the Academic Group for Prosthodontist (Fixed and removable) responsible for organizing all matters related to this specialty in Jordan.‎ It was founded by the first group of specialists under the umbrella of the JDA, and their main goal was to enhance cooperation between colleagues which is the official professional Society for fixed and removable Prosthodontics specialists, responsible for regulating all matters related to this specialty in Jordan. encourage continuing medical education programs and develop the profession through seminars and courses for this specialty, as well as helping to develop other specialties in local and regional dentistry.‎ The JSP has come a long way since its inception with its working and participating members by providing a wealth of scientific and social activities and continuing medical education programs and activities since its establishment until today, believing in its national and scientific responsibility to develop the dental profession.