JSPThe Jordanian Society of Pathologists
Highlights on the XXIX Conference of the International Academy of Pathology in Cape Town The 8th Asia Pacific IAP Congress


The Jordan Society of Pathologists (JSP) was established in 1981 as one of the scientific bodies of the Jordan Medical Association (JMA). It is unique in its mission as it embraces all the disciplines of pathology both anatomic and clinical. It uses a modern approach that is being adopted out of the need for a sound clinical care in laboratory medicine, whereby the patient or client calling for our services is considered as a whole, i.e. without compartmentalization of the human body. Its activities are relentless both on the scientific/ professional and social levels. JSP achievements at the level of the profession have already made it as one of the prides of the Jordan Medical Association, and the continuous interaction with the other JMA scientific societies is within the spirit of the Society. The policy of open discussion and working within the recommendations of the general assembly remains the base for the work of the Society's committees. JSP always welcomes constructive suggestions, from both the medical community and lay public.